Grimbergen Airfield (EBGB), our home base, is managed by the non-profit organisation "Recreatief Vliegveld Grimbergen" (RVG). To fly from Grimbergen you need to become a member of this non-profit organisation either for a full year or for 1 day (only for visiting aircraft). Additionally you need to comply with the internal regulations.

A membership for one year grants you the right to make 40 landings at the airfield during that period (March till February). Touch & Go's are not included and are to be paid seperately. For more info please contact the airfields (RVG) secretary.

 Fees:  (valid starting 01/03/2020)
Yearly membership fee (1 March till 28 February) 180 EUR
Included are 40 full-stop landings at EBGB.

New members enrolling later in the year receive a reduction:

  • 145 EUR from 01/06 for 30 landings
  • 110 EUR from 01/09 for 20 landings
  • new members from 1/1 onwards will get the full year membership, including 40 landings.
Pilots who are or have been a member always pay the full membership fee, regardless when they renew their membership.
Touch & Go's 1,25 EUR
Only allowed for members of the RVG who are in training with the Grimbergen Flying Club (VCG) or Sabena Aeroclub and with an aircraft that is fitted with an extra silencer.
Membership fee visitors 10 EUR (-1.500 kg)
13 EUR (+1.500 kg)
This fee includes membership for 48 hrs and one full-stop landing.
Flights orginating in other Schengen countries are charged a 5,5 EUR administrative cost.